The huuman layer is your essential weekly small business report that covers all the relevant news, reports, updates and numbers that any Small Business owner (or person interested in Small Business) in Canada should know about. If you run a small business, are thinking of starting one, or support those who found them, The huuman layer is the free weekly insight you need to make better decisions in unprecedented times.

It’s written and curated by the expert team behind huumans, the first smart accounting, bookkeeping and business ecosystem designed entirely for Small Businesses and their owners. huumans was founded in 2020 by the co-founders of Wagepoint, North America’s most accessible payroll solution for small businesses.

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Best data. Each week we’ll update you on the movements in Prime Rates, GICs, RSPs, Mortgages, Minimum Wage by Province, EI, CPP, Exchange Rates - all the accurate data you need to make decisions each week on property leases, employee benefits and cash-flow.

Opportunity. We report on the changes to Provincial and Federal Small Business Grants and Programmes, along with time-critical Disaster Relief - so you’ll know what you and your business can apply for and what’s changing in the world of federal and provincial politics.

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